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Remedia and Jillian Haslam Awards

Awards Given to Remedia and The Program Director Jillian Haslam

Since her ascent from the slums of India where she grew up, Jillian Haslam has worked tirelessly to help in all the ways she needed when she was little.

She saw atrocities, and the despair of poverty for everyone from the tiniest babies (including her four siblings who perished from malnutrition) to the oldest widows wandering the streets and living in squalor. She lived this, all through her childhood. But it didn’t defeat her.

The huge impact she’s now making through Remedia has not gone unnoticed. Here’s a brief summary of a few of the awards Jillian has received. Also – click here to see Remedia in the news.

2017 Mother Teresa Memorial International Award
(Mother House - 2017)


Kids Getting Educated


Successful Projects


People served


Awards Won