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Be the Lifeline for India’s Disabled Adults

How Do You Help Adult and Elderly Disabled People in India?

You basically have to do what nursing and elder care homes in wealthier countries do, but without all the systemic support people in western countries take for granted.

Disabled people in India need all the same things people everywhere else need:

  • Personal attention and help with basic hygiene
  • Food, water, and nutrients
  • Medical care, when necessary
  • A comfortable and friendly place to belong
  • A comfortable place to sleep

You can give all these basic necessities to disabled people in India’s poor neighborhoods.

See Photos of Free Wheelchairs given to India’s Disabled!

Some Disabled People You Can Help

There are many more people just like these who come to Remedia for help.

In India, there is almost no safety net for these kinds of physical disabilities. Without families with the means to help them, they have no chance.

You’re their lifeline.

There are more ways you can help these wonderful disabled people besides just giving money.

But if you’d like to give :

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