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Be the Lifeline for India’s Disabled and Autistic Kids

Care and Compassion for Kids with Extreme Disabilities and Autism

Life for kids in India with extreme disabilities and autism is very hard.

For those with physical disabilities, some are lucky to have families who still try to support them. But many just get rejected and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

Walking down the urban corridors of India, it’s a shocking sight to see children and young adults with major deformities, paralysis and other conditions, just sitting there, hoping someone helps them.

Equally heart-breaking is how kids with autism get treated. The regular schools don’t have the resources to help kids with special needs like these, so they just get sent away. Written off.

Remedia uses your support to take these kids in and give them a better life through our specially designed program. We work at their level and help them build skills and feel understood. The goal is to enable them to become a part of society and join in with other people.

Remedia’s Indian Autism Program – Slow but Steady

Here’s a sampling of the autistic kids whose lives have been touched because of your support:

For all these kids and the many others served because of your support, they simply need ongoing attention, love, and a patient hand to guide them through their development.

Your support helps these autistic kids grow and learn basic life skills that will give them a chance at a ‘normal’ life by the time they become adults.

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Caring for Kids with Extreme Disabilities

Roni Talur Dar suffers from severe disabilities, as you can see in the photo. He’s been this way his entire life. And his family is extremely poor and unable to care for him.

In India, it doesn’t take much to care for Roni and others like him. But it does take something. He just needs food and other basic necessities and someone to help him with simple tasks.

Roni’s far from alone. There are many more Indian kids with cerebral palsy, blindness, lost limbs, and other disabilities they were born with. The ones we’ve brought in with your help all come from extremely poor families, and there’s just no help for them anywhere else.

Will you help us care for Roni and younger kids with disabilities?

Your giving is the only lifeline for these kids!

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